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101 Amazing Dog Facts
Amazing Facts About Dogs


Amazing Dog Facts1. The dog who lived the longest was an Australian Cattle dog who passed away at the age of 29.5 years.

2. Given just 7 years, 1 female dog and her female pups can produce over 4, 300 puppies.
3. One amazing dog fact is that they can smell 1000 times better than we can.

4. Dogs have more than 220 million odor detecting cells in their nose; humans only have 5 million.

5. A dog’s brain that interprets smells is 4 times bigger than the same area of a human’s brain.

6. They can detect cancer in people just by smelling one’s breath.

7. They can detect dead bodies that are under water.

8. They can detect leaks of natural gas that are as far deep as 40 feet underground.

9. In August of 1976 an Irish Setter named Bede went missing while on vacation in Cornwall England with his owner.  6 months later Bede turned up at his owner's home in Braintree, Essex, having traveled 300 miles (480 km).  The Kennel Club declared Bede to be the Bravest Dog of 1976 and he was presented with his award at the Crufts Dogs Show on February 12, 1977.

10. One of the amazing facts about dogs is that the reason that a dog smells the rear end of another or smells their urine is to learn about the other…. They will learn the gender of the other, the age, the health status and even their mood.

11. When compared to a human, most dogs are the equivalent of a 3 year old child.

12. They can understand up to 200 words if trained properly.

13. If you want to attract a member of the opposite sex, having a Golden Retriever works best and having a Pit Bull works the worst.

14. Some dogs move so quickly when acting out in sever aggression that a person can be bitten 10 times before their brain and body reacts to the attack.

15. According to National Geographic, the dog with the strongest bite is the Rottweiler. The German Shepherd comes in 2nd.
16. A Basset Hound named Mr. Jeffries whose home was in the U.K. was the dog that officially had the longest ears ever recorded….They were 11.5 inches long (29.2 cm).

17. In regard to catching people selling drugs, a Shepherd called General was 100% correct when sniffing out 220 searches, all which led to arrests.

18. An amazing dog fact is regarding weight… The heaviest dog on record was Zorba, an Old English Mastiff that weighed an incredible 343 pounds.

19. The longest jump every recorded was by a Greyhound known as Band who amazingly jumped 30 feet while he was chasing after a rabbit. While doing this, he jumped over a gate that was 4 feet, 6 inches high!

20. A Doberman Pinscher by the name of Sauer once followed a scent for 100 miles…He lead his owner (Detective Kruger) across South Africa and they successfully caught a person who was stealing livestock.

21. In Sweden in 1977, a pet German Shepherd named Roy, rescued a toddler from a narrow 36 foot high ledge...surely a deadly situation!  Sensing the danger that the small child was in, the dog crept along his belly, seized the toddler's diaper in his jaws and then shuffled back to the window.

22. Sadly, 13 to 16 million dogs are slain each year in Asia to use as a food source.

23. More than 6 thousand restaurants in South Korea serve dog meat soup.

24. A giant catfish swallowed a Dachshund whole.

25. When the St. Bernard was first introduced to the U.S.  from England,  one of the 1st dogs sold was to an American weighted 210 lbs. (95 kg) and coat $7000.00.

26. A dog named Alsatin inherited 106 million dollars when her owner passed away.

27. One Bloodhound dog brought over 600 criminal arrests and convictions via his scent following capabilities.

28. The noisiest dogs are the Beagle and Collie.

29. The quietest dogs are the Akbash and the Basenji  (the Basenji is also one of the most unintelligent , but lovable, breeds).

30. A Sheepdog named Nipper saved 300 sheep on day when the barn that they were in caught on fire.  When the farmers could not put out the fire, the dog kept going inside and leading the sheep out of the burning building. He did not stop until all 300 were out.

31. Dogs don't just bark, one of the noisiest breeds, the Pug, farts, snores, snorts, sneezes and grunts.

32. A dog can make out their owner’s voice from up to a half mile away.

33. A dog’s wet nose helps him or her determine the direction that an odor is coming from.

34. Tails can be horizontally straight, vertically straight, curled, or cork-screw.

35. The Corgi puppy and the Old English Sheepdog  is sometimes born without a tail.

36. A dog’s heartbeat is between 100 and 150 beats per minute…. A human’s is 60 to 100 beats per minute.

37. A dog takes a breath every 15 to 20 times each minute, a human doe s this 12 to 20 times per minute.

38. An amazing dog fact that is quite interesting is that their internal body temperature is naturally 101.5 degrees F  and a humans is 98.6.  When a female is about to go into labor, her temperature will drop….When this happens, puppies will be born within 24-48 hours.

39. Aside from humans, dogs are the only other mammal that has a prostate.

40. A mixed dog name Laika was sent in to space by the Russians in 1957, sadly there was no way to bring her home.

amazing dog standing41. A puppy needs to learn to walk just like human babies. This usually happens around age 2 or 3 weeks. They will be wobbly at first…They will find their balance and stretch out their muscles by 4 weeks and will soon after be running and jumping around.

42. There is such a thing as a lavender dog.  It is rare, however a lavender Pomeranian can exist… it is a black that is diluted to blue via breeding and then the blue is diluted to light purple via breeding.

43. Some breeds have webbed paws; this is because they were bred to be swimming dogs.

44. Small breeds are considered adults at 1 year… Medium and large breeds are considered adults at 2 years.

45. The Chinese Crested Hairless and the American Hairless Terrier do not have any fur.

46. A canine has better night vision than a human.

47. The rarest dog breed is the Cisky Terrier, there are only about  350 Cisky Terriers in the whole world.

48. Dogs have twice as many muscles then a human.

49. A German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion the over the 2100 mile long Appalachian Trail.

50. Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot on the skull called the Molera, the same as human babies…and it slowly closes over time.

51. There is a breed called the Lundehune that naturally has 6 toes on each paws and they are able to close their ears.

52. A dog’s mouth puts forth 150-200 pounds of pressure per square inch.

really amazing dog53. Those living in a city generally live about 3 years longer than those living in the country.

54. Basset Hounds cannot swim due to their very short legs.

55. The word dog appears in the Bible 14 times.

56. Over 1 million dogs are the beneficiaries in their owner’s will.

57. Dogs determine what an object is by first noticing their movement, then by the brightness, and finally by the shape.

58. All dogs have 321 bones in the body and 42 permanent teeth.

59. Some sleep and nap as much as 19 hours per day, even some adults.

60. Rocky and Barco, U.S. Custom working dogs were so successful at detecting drugs that were being transported over the border that Mexican drug lords placed a 300 thousand dollar bounty on their heads. 

61. Formal dog training first began in the U.S. in 1916 and was organized to help WWI soldiers who were blinded during the war.  Soon afterward a woman named Dorothy Eutis trained a German Shepherd to be the very first guide dog in Switzerland. The dog was named Kiss and was renamed Buddy when he went to his new owner.

62. Wolves and dog can successfully mate and produce wolf hybrid puppies.

63. In the history of record keeping, every single breed has at one time or another attacked livestock….This amazing dog fact includes breeds all the way from the tiny Chihuahua to the friendly Sheepdog.

64. Dogs can register sounds of 35,000 vibrations per second while a person can only hear 20,000.

65. They have incredible internal time clocks and will know exactly when to expect an owner to come home, when it is meal time, etc.

66.  The most widely used name, "Fido" "fidelity" in Latin, which relates to the fact that canine pets are very loyal.

67. Collars have been put on dogs dating way back to Ancient Egypt.

68. In Iceland, technically it is illegal to own a dog as a pet.

69. A breed called the Saluki is the oldest of all breeds, thought to originate in 300 BC.

70. In the 1900's, it was common for traveling circuses to have American Eskimo dogs that were trained to walk on tight ropes.

71. Most dogs have 10 more teeth than humans do, they have 42, we have 32.

72. The reason why dogs are so good at lapping up water is because they curl up the back of their tongues, essentially creating a bowl shape to scoop up the water.

73. Female dogs bite 2x more often than males.

74. Dogs living in urban areas generally live 3 more years than dogs living in rural areas.

75. Just as humans are left or right handed, dogs favor one paw over the other.

76. Dogs are omnivores, they cannot survive on meat alone, their bodies need vegetables as well (and many dogs enjoy fruits)

77. Male and female secrete pheromones in order to communicate with each other.

78. It is thought that cavemen domesticated dogs..This happened when wild dogs stayed close to them to eat any food scraps…and the ones that did not show aggression were brought into the group to serve as companions and working dog

79. There is no language barrier with canines. Researchers have come to the conclusion that dogs from different countries appear to immediately understand each other barks (and it has been proven that canines do speak via their vocalization)

80. The average dog can learn 200 words (commands, names of objects, etc.) A Border Collie learned to understand 1022 words.

81. Alphabetically, the first dog breed is the Afador and the last is the Zuchon.

82. In Beijing, 41 different dog breeds are banned from living in the city, being classified as "big and vicious".

83.  What was described as a "gang" of feral cats attacked a woman and her Poodle in France. Both victims were taken to the hospital and recovered. While it is not understood what prompted the attack, officials state that over 8K stray cats are born each day in the country.

84.  It has been proven that dogs can learn solely from the actions of humans (no speaking of commands or praise at all). Through only gestures and body language, dogs can learn just as much as with training involving vocalization.

85. Studies have proven that dogs are 4 times more likely to steal food in a dark room than a lighted room, showing that they take into account what they believe their owner can or cannot see before making a move to misbehave.

86. Dogs are better than chimpanzees in regard to understanding pointing gestures.

87. Studies prove that dogs understand when they are unfairly treated in regard to receiving reward and praise in multiple dog households.  They react by showing what is described as the canine equivalent of envy.

88. When physically or emotionally tired, dogs are more likely to have poor decision making skills, i.e. carrying out actions that can lead to injury.

89. Dogs can recognize other dogs when shown pictures on a computer.

90. Breeding over the last 20 years has changed the location of the brain with certain dogs. The brains of many brachycephalic breeds (flat, short snouts like the Pug and Boxer) have been found to be located further to the front of the cranium (15 degrees on average).

91. A study done in the UK showed that dogs behave with more confidence when in the presence of their owners.

92.  Fruit is an important part of a dog's diet; some of the fruit that canines can safely eat are: bananas, cranberries, pears, raspberries and blueberries.

93. Dogs can now watch and see TV just as humans do. With older style televisions, dogs only saw flickering images; however with flat screens, they see everything just as we do.

94.  Dogs listen to their owners much more often when talked to in a confident, assertive manner as opposed to yelling.

95.  Some of the things that official guide dogs are trained to do is to: stop at the bottom of stairs and not move until told to, recognize passages and overheads that the owner will not be able to fit through and to bring their handler to elevator buttons.

96.  It is a myth that a sign of a healthy dog is a cold wet nose. Perfectly healthy dogs can have dry, warm noses.

97. The U.S. military currently has over 3000 dogs in service.

98. In Moscow, it is a common occurrence for stray dogs to ride the subway.

99. Police dogs in Dallas and other major cities wear bulletproof vests.

100.  Although it’s difficult for humans to differentiate between identical twins (when they do not know the children), dogs can do much better.  Trained German Shepherds can pick up on scent variations between both identical and non-identical twins.

101. Spiked dog collars were invented in ancient Greece to protect pet dogs from wolves.

102. A German Shepherd named Rocky living in California literally chewed off his entire hind paw in order to successfully free himself of being tied.  The tether was so tight that it cut off circulation to the limb, leaving rescue workers to assume that he bite off his own paw to save himself. He survived the ordeal and was taken to a shelter.

Information gathered and edited by Alisa Chagnon



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