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Cool Dog Facts
Cool Dog Facts Regarding Appearance


Dogs can develop freckles, these appear on their stomach as black marks that are flush and not raised about the normal pink skin.

All dogs have pink tongues, expect for the Chow-Chow that has a black tongue.

Dogs can have eye color that include black, brown, hazel, green and blue.

Some dogs have 2 different color eyes such as 1 blue and 1 brown, this is called technically called Heterochromia  and if often called bi-eyed.

All dogs have 42 adult teeth.  6 are the sharp incisors that are in the front and on each side of those are 2 pairs of large canines.  Other others in the back are molars.

A dog's mouth is overshot when the upper teeth project beyond the lower ones, undershot if the lower jaw projects out and a scissor bite means that they line up perfectly.

A dog has 3 eyelids. They are: The main upper and lower lids and a 3rd lid that is hidden between them in the inner corner of the eye. The 3rd eyelid can brush across the transparent cornea of the eye and clean it just like a windshield wiper.

Cool Dog Facts About The Bond Between Human and Dog

1 out of 2 people polled would rather be stuck on a desert island with their dog instead of another person.

cool dog factA dog can become so synchronized to their owner that they can follow a command just by a simple gesture, in studies dogs performed commands when their owner only moved their head just an inch to the side.

People say that many owners look like their dogs; this is because studies show that some people choose dogs that resemble themselves.  For example, a strong looking man may obtain a strong looking Boxer; a petite woman may opt for a Toy Poodle, etc.   It does not happen all of the time, another study showed that when people were shown a photo of a person, they guessed the type of dog that they owned 33% of the time.

According to a study done at the University of Vienna, when given a choice between a yummy treat or listening to their owners, most dogs chose their owners instead of the treat.

15% of dogs sleep with their owner’s bed and another 20% sleep in the same room.

became associated with firemen and are the mascot of firehouses because back in the 1700’s fire trucks were actually horse drawn carriages filled with water. This breed was the one best known to get along well with horses and were used to run alongside the fire control carriages to help lead the horses, clear the way and to chase off any stray dogs that would spook the horses.  Since that time, they have remained as the official firefighter’s helper, mascot and beloved dog breed

Cool Dogs Facts - World Records

The most dogs washed in 1 hour are 80, this was done by Amanda Sullivan.

The most dogs walked at 1 time by 1 person is 27.

cool dog The most dogs ever assembled all together while wearing costumes was done in May 2011 in Japan…the total number of dogs: 603.

The world's oldest known breed of domesticated dog is the Saluki. They lived with ancient Egyptians in 329 BC.
The longest tongue on a dog every recorded was on a Boxer named Brandy.  Her tongue was 17 inches long (43 cm).

The most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth was 5, this was done by a Golden Retriever named Augie.

The fastest time for a dog to unwind a non-electric car window is 11.34 seconds. This was done by a Border Collie named Striker.

The longest eyelash on a dog was 5.35 inches (13.6 cm) and was on a Lhasa Apso named Prince Albert.

The highest jump by a dog was 5 feet, 6 inches (172.7 cm) and this was done by a Greyhound named Cinderella May.

The fastest time for a dog to pop 100 balloons goes to Anastasia, a Jack Russell, who did this in 44.49 seconds.

The loudest bark ever recorded was by a German Shepherd named Daz whose bark measured 108 dB.  Many breeds can reach 100 dB.

The longest tail ever measured on a dog was a whopping 28.46 inches (72.29 cm). The dog was an Irish Wolfhound in Calgary, Canada.

Nestle Purina Pet Care in the US wanted to set the record for the most dogs in costume assembled together and they did it. 1326 dogs - all in costumes- were grouped together at the Beggin' Pet Parade that took place on February 12th, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

The most steps walked by a dog while balancing a glass of water on its muzzle is 10 steps, done by a Australian Shepherd / Collie mix named Sweat Pea.

A dog named Rose (breed unknown) caught 7 Frisbees, thrown all at once, and held them all in her mouth at the same time.

The Dog Museum, which is located in Waco Texas, is said to be the world's largest public collection of dog times. They have over 7000 items on display. This ranges from statues to toys.  One of the more unusual items in the museum is an 18th rifle with a dog head stock on it.

The greatest number of Challenge Certificates (CCs) to be won by a British dog, were the 78 awarded to champion U'Kwong King Solomon, a Chow Chow owned and bred by Mrs. Joan Egerton of Bramhall, Cheshire in the north of England. Known as Solly, this magnificent Chow died in 1978 at the age of 10 years.  It is the life's ambition of some dog exhibitors to win even 1 CC.

Weird Dog History Facts

Wealth and snobbery have always played a part in ownership and in the time of King Richard I of England, anyone who kept a greyhound, unless he was worth the equivalent of $586 in land ownership, was liable to be summed to the Forest Court...the court met every year to determine whether a man's dog had been unlawfully running in the forest.

In the Middle Ages, there were thought to be no less than 69 royal forests, 800 parks and 13 chase trails in England...and the comment was frequently made that if you wanted to see a King of England, you only needed to look no further than the hunting field.

The common people were allowed to keep only small dogs or those who guarded the house, they had to be unable to bring down game...Large dogs would be systematically can cruelly lamed so that they rich did not have any competition when hunting.

To this day there exists in the village of Lyndhurst in the county of Hampshire a measure, or stirrup, through which a dog had to pass so as to assess whether it was sufficiently small enough to be allowed to roam unhindered in the forest. 

Cool Dog Facts - Brave Hero Dogs

A  7 year old Golden Retriever named Brutis saved a child when he snatched up a poisonous coral snake as it slithered close to the boy and was bite in the process.  He almost succumbed, but was save by veterinarians and given a National Hero Dog Award.

In 2014, when a 3 year old toddler went missing for almost 7 hours in a cold N. Dakota field, his dog Cooper, a golden retriever/German shepherd mix kept the boy warm by laying on top of him until searchers found him.  The only part of the boy's body that was cold were his feet (the only part that were sticking out from under the hero dog!). Both boy and dog were brought home safely.

During Hurricane Katrina, a dog named Katrina who is a Black Lab (yes, the name is ironic) saved a drowning man and was then saved herself by rescue teams. She was honored at the Genesis Award Ceremonies.

A Wolf/ Shepherd hybrid named Shana saved an elderly couple who were buried in a snow storm. She dug a tunnel in the snow until she reached them and then dragged each of them back to their home.

An English Cocker Spaniel named Honey saved her owner when the car that they were in rolled over and got stuck in a ravine. Honey ran a ½ mile for help and led people back to the scene of the accident where the owner was then saved.

In 1925 terrible weather in Alaska made flying out of the question when a village desperately needed medication to battle an epidemic of diphtheria.  What did rescue workers do? They gathered 100 sled dogs and traveled over 675 miles with them to deliver the medication. It took them 5 days. Now, each year their journey is relived during the annual Iditarod Trail Race.

When the famous explorers Lewis and Clark made their 8000  mile journey into the uncharted American West in 1804, they brought a helper: A Newfoundland dog named Seaman. Seaman saved them several times...Once when he alerted them to a large grizzly bear and another time when he diverted a buffalo from entering into their camp. This dog put up with a lot, as he also was bitten by a beaver!


Cool Dog Facts Regarding Health

A dogs’ mouth is not clean - it contains salmonella and many other bacteria, most often getting in their mouths from eating trash or licking themselves after going to the bathroom.

Dogs can catch the H1Ni virus from their owners.

Dogs that are trained to smell the presence of diabetes in humans are correct 90% of the time.

It is a myth that licking heals a dog’s wounds…It is actually not good at all…Bacteria in the mouth can cause infection and this is why many wounds are bandaged up so that the dog cannot reach them.

Cool Dog Facts About Behavior

dog fact 11A dog has 7 different types of barks.

Different from barking, howling is a dog’s way of saying, “I am here”. They are announcing their presence to any other dogs in the area and calling out for them to come.

A dog has 3 main ways in which he or she wags their tail… a tail that wags high and rigid means the dog is aggravated, a tail that wags low and fast means the dog is scared….And a dog that is mid level and relaxed while wagging means that he or she is happy. 

The average time that an adult dog sleeps is just about 12 hours and this includes both night time sleeping in which the dog is able to have the much needed REM sleep (the deep sleep that produces dreams  - and yes dogs do dream) and 1 or 2 naps during the day time.  It is rare for an adult canine to not take any naps at all on a regular basis.

Anthropologist Elizabeth Thomas claims that 2 dogs can fall in love with each other.

Dogs can smile.  Many breeds will relax when they are happy and this causes their mouth to open and show their teeth… looking like a smile !

Dogs lick people for 2 main reasons:  1: Affection - they learned this from their mother. 2: A human’s skin has a salty taste and some dogs lick to pick up that taste.

When a dog turns his head away from you, but swivels his eyes around to keep you in sight, he is exhibiting what is known as "whale eye," and it generally means that he or she is scared or guarding something.

Charles Darwin who studies emotions of both human and canine came to a conclusion regarding this matter.  After much research, he contended that dogs can smile and they only do so when they are very happy.  In doing so, they will retract their upper lip, which exposing the top canine teeth.  This action is also done when a dog is growling; however the dog’s behavior did not point to a state of aggression and the environment did not provide one; therefore he concluded that a dog can and does indeed smile.

Cool Dog Facts About Puppies

Pups do not wag their tails until they are about 3 weeks old and some take as long as 7 weeks of age.

Newborns are born with eyes closed and not able to hear, the eyes open and hearing begins around 3 weeks.

Puppies must learn to walk and do this around 2-3 weeks of age, it is normal for them to wobble when they are learning.
They sleep up to 20 hours per day.

Playing with your puppy is very important… It allows them to expend energy, it satisfies their curious nature, it helps to develop physical coordination and it help create a bond between owner and dog.

Toy dogs often have only 1 puppy...In cases when this happens, they should be given a stuffed animal to snuggle with to take the place of littermates.



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