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Can a Dog Love
Do Dogs Love?


Studies have concluded and owners have known forever, that dogs have and express many of the emotions that humans do.  Dogs can feel and express:
  • Sadness
  • Being scared
  • Feeling nervous
  • Feeling confused
  • Feeling inner happiness
  • Being content
  • Feeling love (at the very least in the form of extreme devotion, loyalty and bonding with their owner/s)
Let’s take a closer look at the question of “do dogs feel love” and look at some amazing facts.

Do Dogs Love People?

There is a proverb that says, “A dog never bites the hand that feeds him” and skeptics may say that a dog rely on comforts…and that any show of affection is self-motivated…However there have been to many true stories that prove that dogs do indeed feel love.

Dogs, particularly those who live in close proximity to their owners, often sharing the same sleeping quarters, are rarely leaving their side, can literally pine to death should their owners predecease them.

Greyfriars Bobby

The story of Bobby proves what an endearing love dogs can have for their human family members.  Bobby was a small, shaggy terrier, possibly a Skye Terrier, and was the much loved companion of a farmer named Gray.

Each Wednesday, the dog would accompany his mater to visit the local market in Edinburgh and, at midday, the two would go to Trail’s Tea-rooms where Gray had his lunch and his dog Bobby would be given a bun as a treat.  In 1858 Gray died and was laid to rest in Greyfriars Churchyard.

On the 3rd day following the funeral, at the usual time of Gray’s visit to the Tea-room, Bobby showed up and was given his customary bun…he mouthed it and walked away sadly.

It was thought that this would be the last that those at the Tea-room would see of the dog.  However, the next day and the day after the dog showed up and each time was given a bun, which he would take with him wherever it was that he was going to next.

Finally, with much curiosity, the man who gave him his usual treats followed the dog.  He was surprised to find the little pup heading for the Churchyard. To answer the question of do dogs love people, when Bobby got there he laid down on his master’s grave and ate his treat.  It soon became known that there was no one taking care of the little dog and that he has been spending his days and nights lying on the grave, leaving its vigil only to go to the Tea-room when forced to do so by pangs of hunger.

Normally, dogs were not allowed in that establishment, but do to the love that the dog felt, the rule was waived…He was allowed in for shelter and while he refused to willingly live with another person, everyone took care of him as a team. 
He guarded his owner's grave for 14 years...and a statue was created and put up in the town to commemorate him.

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5 Real Ways That Dogs Show Love

1.     Dog licks can be signs of love.  When a dog licks at their owners eyes or mouth, this is a submission gesture…it is a way to show a greeting and also can be a method of conciliation if an owner is upset.

2.    When a dog rolls over and shows his or her belly to you, this is an important gesture.  The act of exposing the stomach is the most vulnerable position that a canine can be in.  This means that he or she trusts the owner and it is a way of declaring affection.  Note: When a dog does this to another dog, he or she is saying, “I bow to you, I want to be friends but I believe you are the boss here!”

3.    Contact…Have you ever been sitting on your sofa and your pup came up to you simply to cuddle?  They do this purely out of love…craving contact with you. This is a big sign of affection, as they will not cuddle with just anyone.

4.    Napping together is another way that a dog displays love.  Instinct tells them that they are vulnerable while sleeping. When a pup sleeps with an owner, it is a sign of affection and trust…when they are snoozing right beside you, they are comfortable, happy, content and feeling at peace.

5-  To answer the question of can a dog love, we must only really look at the #5 way that they show emotion: Smiling! Can a dog smile??? That is a big YES!   They do this to show happiness and affection…

Charles Darwin who studies emotions of both human and canine came to a conclusion regarding this matter.  After much research, he contended that dogs can smile and they only do so when they are very happy.

In doing so, they will retract their upper lip, which exposing the top canine teeth.  This action is also done when a dog is growling; however the dog’s behavior did not point to a state of aggression and the environment did not provide one; therefore he concluded that a dog can and does indeed smile!

Patricia Simonet, a canine researcher from Nevada, USA studied smiles and even laughter in dogs.  She and her team concluded that they do laugh; although differently than humans, of course.  Her studies showed that they will exhibit certain and particular breathy exhalations that are the equivalent to human laughter!  Using high tech microphones, they were recorded during play.  Careful examination of the sounds show that one certain frequency of breathing was displayed at certain time during play and was quite different that the heavier breathing done due to exercise.  Research is still being done to make more discoveries about this.

So they next time that you are hugging your dog and feeling tons of love, know that he or she is feeling it right back at you!


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