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Facts about Dachshunds 
General Dachshund facts 


The most well known fact about Dachshunds is that their nickname is the Hotdog dog, due to their unusual body shape….very long and short.  Other nicknames are wiener or sausage dogs.

Recognized by the AKC in 1885, they are in the Hunting group.

They are known to be very clever and brave.  

An unofficial Dachshund fact is that they have mastered the Puppy Dog Look, as they have very expressive eyes that seem to speak right to you.

Their size and nature allows them to do well in many different living environments… from small apartments to large homes.

This is the 8th most registered breed in the United States.

Color and Appearance

This breed actually has 3 different varieties….And 2 different sizes.  While most envision a short haired dog, there is the smooth (the most popular and well known variety), the wirehaired and the longhaired. In regard to size, there are both the miniature and the standard.

Miniatures will be 11 or less pounds when fully grown and standards will be between 16 and 32 pounds. 

Smooth coats will have soft, short hair.  Wirecoats will have coarse thick and hard hairs and longcoats will have fluffy, wavy, soft long fur. 

Wirecoats are barely recognizable…they resemble a terrier more than they do a Dachshund.

All are very long and very low to the ground with exceptionally short legs.

The eyes are an almond shape and purebreds will have black eye rims.

The nose and nails are always black on black Dachshunds and a deep, dark brown on all others.

There are many color possibilities.   There are solid Dachshunds which means that the fur will all be 1 certain color.  And there are 2 color varieties that have 2 distinct hues in the coat.

The colors that are possible in purebreds are:
Black, Cream, Tan, Blue, Chocolate (dark brown, Fawn, Red (a brown with a reddish tint), Wild Boar (a grayish black), Wheaten (a very pale beige) and grey.

2 color Dachshunds , (also called parti-colored) will have markings over their eyes, on the side of the face, on the inner edge of each ear, on the chest and sometimes on the neck.  This marking may also be seen on the front legs and paws.  The markings of the Dachshund will be a dark tan or a medium cream.

Other color options are Dappled (with is contrasting colors against the base color), Brindle (which is fur that has dark stripes over the whole body) or Sable (with is an overlay of a dark color against a lighter base)…With Sable, each hair tip will be darker than the base.


They are very lovable and overly friendly dogs…very loyal and likeable….perfect family pets.

One nice fact about Dachshunds is that they are not shy.  In fact, in the  show ring, shyness is considered a major fault.  They are very lively, amusing and animated. 

Many can show jealousy (sometimes extreme) in regard to other dogs in the household….Most Dachshunds do best when they are the only pet in the home.

Because of the sometimes very strong jealousy trait, most do not do well with young children…As they may feel threaten and may nip.

They love to follow their owners around the home or to cuddle up to rest while their owner reads or watches TV.


Because the nails are black or dark brown on this particular dog breed, clipping them can be tricky as the quik (a vein that runs down the center of the nail) will not be able to be seen.  If choosing to clip at home, it is suggested to clip very small pieces at a time and to keep looking at the nail.  When you see a bit of pink that appears this means it is time to stop, it will be the vein that you are seeing and you do not want to cut any further.

Smooth coats should be brushed 1 time per week with a rubber brush.

Long coats have the potential to develop tangles (also known as mats). This can happen quickly if it is not kept in check.   Therefore, for the long coated Dachshund, an owner is encouraged to brush and then carefully comb the fur at least 1 time every other day.  If a mat is found, one can spray canine leave-in condition directly into the tangle or cover their hands with the solution and then patiently work out the knot.   This is best done when the fur is dry…during or after bath time is not the optimal time to work out a knot. 


As with all types of dog breeds, one important Dachshund fact to know is that they are prone to certain medical ailments.  They are prone to obesity and that is why the above mentioned exercise is very important.  You may also find it helpful to rid the home of calorie filled dog treats and replace them with healthy, wholesome foods such as raw carrot sticks.

They are also prone to develop from cataracts, diabetes and epilepsy. For this reason, it is highly recommended to choose a veterinarian who has or has had Dachshunds as patients….This way it should ensure that they will check for all issues that the breed is prone to during regular checkups.


It is very important to make sure that your Dachshund is taken for walks each day (only with harsh weather as a reason to not do so).  While its body shape may cause some owners to think that exercise is not needed or even is not possible….It is vital for the health of this breed.   The bare minimum should be a 30 minute daily walk….And optimal exercise is a 30-40 minute walk 2 times per day.



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