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Random Dog Facts
113 Random Facts About Dogs


1. The smallest dog ever recorded was a Yorkshire Terrier (commonly known as a Yorkie) who was only 4 ounces at the age of 2. Sadly, the dog passed away at that age.

2. Many breeds are far different than their ancestors. For example, the Poodle was bred to be a hunting retrieval dog, he or she would swim out into ponds and lakes to retrieve foul that a hunter shot.  Now, the Poodle is a refined, graceful companion pet.

3. The Pomeranian breed is the only one in which a litter can contain puppies who have Duck Face Syndrome… a condition which affects the head shape of the pup and is often fatal within weeks.

4. The majority of owners feel that their dog is a true family member and not just a pet.

5. Many breeds have dewclaws (nails that grow out from the dog’s ankle area)…these are often removed when the puppy is just 1 week old.  If left to grow, they will become an appendage with muscle and all….at that time removal will involve surgery.

6. Some toy and small sized breeds can be trained to use a cat litter box for their bathroom needs.

7. Cancer is the top leading cause of death for canines, followed by trauma heart disease.

8. Many dogs and cats get along very well and are known to be best friends.

9. Toy dogs should not be taken for walks with a collar and leash; a harness should be worn instead which will prevent a condition known as Collapsed Trachea.

10. Kennel cough can be transmitted to humans, although it is rare.

11. When a dog rolls over and shows his or her belly to a human, this is an important gesture.  The act of exposing the stomach is the most vulnerable position that a canine can be in.  This means that he or she trusts the owner and it is a way of declaring affection. 

12. Small dogs such as the Chihuahua can have a litter of just 1 puppy.

13. All dogs (and wolves) originated from an animal that existed about 40 million year back that was called a Miacis…it resembled a weasel.  The Miacis then evolved into a Tomarctus which then evolved into a Canis (a group of animal that includes the wolf and fox).

14. The wolf was domesticated 15 thousand years ago and this led to the dogs that we know of today.

15. The Greyhound breed is the only dog breed that is mentioned in the Bible by exact name.

16. Dogs can be poisoned not only by ingesting chocolate, but also by eating raisins, onions, or the core of apples.

17. Female dogs can have a false pregnancy, they will show signs of being pregnant, complete with a bulging stomach and lactation, however these signs will fade after a month or so.

18. Dogs that are said to be hypo-allergenic due to the fact that they have hairs instead of fur can actually cause allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to hair dander.

19. They sweat through their paws.

20. They have 3 eyelids, 2 that are transparent.

21. Images of dog collars can be seen in Egyptian paintings from 3,500 BC. They closely resembled the collars we have today, as they were made of leather and had the dog's name carved into them.

22. Females can enter heat as early as 5 months old, however it is highly recommended to not breed a female until she is 2 years old.

dog fact23. When breeding, it is best to pair a larger female with a smaller male.

24. It s a random dog fact that many owners find out too late: A dog may become pregnant even if a tie did not appear to be successful.

25. A dog may become pregnant by 2 different males if she mates with both within days of each other; this is not a good thing as it will be impossible to know which sire belongs to which puppies.

26. Puppies can be twins, just like humans.

27. Dogs can sense the mood of an owner just by the person’s action, tone of voice and facial expressions.

28. A dog can learn to understand up to 200 words.

29. Dog sledding dates back to 800 BC with the Thule tribe, ancestors of the Inuit tribes of Alaska.

30. Evidence of a Bloodhound’s trailing has been allowed into court.

31. The shape of a dog’s face can be a good sign of their life span….those with longer snouts tend to live longer and those with short, flat faces tend to have shorter life expectancy.

32. Kubla Khan is recorded as the 1 person who owned the most dogs....5000 Mastiffs to be exact.

33. Some of the earliest records of dog houses are from ancient Egypt (4000 BC) which were made of mud and bricks, where it is thought dogs were kept and taken care of by trainers.

34. The first commercial dog food was introduced in England in 1860.

random dog

35. The most popular name for a male is Max, for a female it is Molly…however Bella may soon prove to be the most common name for a girl.

36. There is a very strange law still on the books in Palding Ohio that states that a police officer is allowed to bite a dog in order to cause it to be quiet… yes, this law does not make sense!

37. Some people paint the coat of their dog with a solution of  Kool-Aid applied to the fur.  It is semi-permanent as it will not wash out with just 1 bath.

38. Dog fighting is a felony in all states of the U.S., except Idaho and Wyoming, where it’s a misdemeanor. However, it was legal and sanctioned from 1700 to the late 1800's.

39. Many breeds that we know today originated from much larger dogs... There was a period of time in which it was extremely popular to have tiny dogs and breeding focused on miniaturizing many breeds.

40. When a Dalmatian is born, he or she is completely white...spots will begin to appear within a couple of weeks and by the time he or she is 8 weeks old (typically the age that they are ready to go to a new home) the spots have grown in.

41. Dogs that are described as being blue have black fur that has a blue tint to it when seen in bright light or outside in the sunlight.

42. Dogs that are described as red have brown fur that has an orange/red tint to it.

43. Dogs that are described as yellow have a tan/ golden colored coat.

44. When a puppy is born, he or she has their eyes close, cannot hear and have no teeth….Eyes will open and hearing will begin around the 3 week mark…teeth will grow in later.

45. Pups start the teething process around 3-4 months old and are generally done by 6 months.
random canine fact46. There are over 400 million dogs living on the Earth right now.

47. A dog can hear noises 4 times further away than a person can.

48. A dog’s ear has 18 distinct muscles in it.

49. In ancient hieroglyphic writing, 77 different dogs are named.  They had names that most of us would say are fairly normal such as Ebony and Brave One. 

50. If a dog sees a stranger and that person smiles, the dog often interprets that as a sign of aggression as if the human was baring their teeth.

51. Dogs have been credited with saving people's lives in many ways, from waking sleeping owners to a house fire, to running for help when an owner is injured. Two of the most heroic acts was when a blind dog (Labrador Retriever) ran into the ocean to swim out and save a young girl who was drowning and when a Golden Retriever knocked his choking owner to the floor and jumped on her chest essentially performing the Heimlich maneuver, saving her life.

52. Tail docking and ear cropping is illegal in many countries.  The U.S. allows both procedures to be done.

53. There are 703 distinct breeds and over 800 if you include hybrid dogs.

54. Hybrid dogs (also known as Designer dogs) are not just mixed breeds . They are the intentional pairing of 2 certain purebreds. An example is the Maltipoo, which is an intentional cross between a Maltese and a Toy Poodle.

55. Any hybrid dog that is used for breeding will not produce a true hybrid, any potential litter will be Second Generation.

56. Nose prints are as unique as human finger prints.

57. Some dogs cannot handle cold weather and it is medically important to put a sweater and/or booties on them.

58. A random dog fact that is not recommended to test is that If a dog’s owner is 1 mile away and is waving his or her hands, the dog can identify them.

59. They are not color blind as often believed not long ago. They can see all colors, however it is akin to a  human seeing things outside during the time when the sun is setting (twilight time).

60. A pack of dogs is technically 2 or more.

61. A Terrier-cross dog named Max lived to the age of 30, which veterinarians say is the equivalent of 210 human years.

62. Clinical studies show that patting a dog lowers a person’s blood pressure, just as much as watching fish in an aquarium.

dog63. In general, they can run 19 mph. The fastest in the world are Greyhounds which can top speeds of 45 mph.

64. The biggest dog ever recorded was an English Mastiff who weighed 343 pounds and was 8 feet, 3 inches when measured from nose to end of tail.

65. Wild dogs have a gestation period of 70 days as compared to the average of 63 days for domesticated dogs.

66. We can taste more things that dogs can…. We have 9000 taste buds and canines only have 1, 700.

67. The smartest dogs, in general, is the Poodle and Border Collie.

68. The most unintelligent dogs, in general, are the Basenji and the Afghan Hound.

69. The bond between dog and human is the strongest between humans and any other animal.

70. The 2 tasks most that people most train their dogs to do in order to help out around the home is to lick plates before they go into the dishwasher and to retrieve newspapers from outside.

71. A Pit Bull named Stubby earned the official title of Sergeant in the U.S. Army during WWII. He would alert troops to incoming gas attacks which gave soldiers time to put on gas masks and was credited with sniffing out spies.

72. Both males and females may display nesting behavior and adopt an object such as a stuffed animal that they then take care of as if it were a puppy.

73. 1 out of 3 owners call their homes from work so that their dog can hear their voice through the answering machine.

74. The best way to make a dog give you back an object (if the dog refused to follow the “give” command) is to encourage the dog to chase you…as opposed to you chasing him or her.

75. Ignoring your dog will work best to teach them that their behavior is unacceptable.

76. Researchers have found that canines can suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

77. Give a dog a yummy treat is the best method to show a dog that their behavior is what is expected and that you are pleased.

78. A pup is born without teeth, they will begin to grow out when the puppy is around 4-6 weeks old.

79. Ice cubes work very well for teething pups, they provide distraction as they slip around the floor and they ease pain by cooling the gums.

80. Too many baths can dry out a dog’s skin…. For most breeds only 1 bath every 3 week is recommended.

81. Using human shampoo can dry out a dog’s skin quite a bit because they require a completely different Ph balance.

82. When a dog smells another dog's anal glands, he is able to know the dogs gender, age, health status and mood.

83. It is not uncommon for senior dogs to have doggie diapers put on them… Studies have shown that this helps them retain dignity when there is a loss of bowel or bladder control and thus it improves their self esteem.

84. Fetuses in a dam will not show up on x-ray until week 6, until then the bones will not have calcified enough to show up.

85. Dachshunds and Chihuahuas both can be found with long coat varieties.

random dog fact86. All dog have pregnancies that last 63 days on average.

87. The reason that a dog will circle 3 times before going to sleep traces way back to when they were wild animals and wanted to push down long grasses to make a comfortable bed.

88. One way to show a dog that thinks that he is in charge is to always begin eating first before placing his food down and to be the first one to enter and exit the house when taking him for a walk. These actions show the dog that the owner is the Alpha (leader) of the household.

89. When a dog wags their tail, they are happy. When they tuck their tail between their legs they are either afraid or are showing submission.

90. When a dog chases cars, it is often due to inherited behavior that translates into having the urge to herding.

91. Most do not understand what the gesture of pointing means….they will often stare at the finger tip and not the location that one is pointing to.

92. They need to go to the dentist just as we do…. Brushing at home remove plaque but not tarter… professional cleanings at least 1 time per year are recommended… If not, there can be tooth loss due to rot and infection.

93. Dogs can have phobias just as people do… some are afraid to enter cars, come do not like rain, etc.

94. They are not carnivores, they require vegetables for optimal health.

95. Newborns sleep 90% of the time during the first couple of weeks.

96. A random dog fact is that obesity is the #1 health problem that affects them.

97. Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms because of the air pressure changes that occur and affect their ears.

98. Paws are made out of skin, granted it is thick skin, but it is not tough enough to withstand anything…Paws can be burned on hot pavement or have a reaction to ice melt chemicals.

9. 7 out 10 owners  sign their dog’s name on greeting and holiday cards that are send to friends and family.

random puppy100. 58% of owner s include their dog when taking family and holiday photos.

101. George Washington owned 63 purebred Foxhounds.

102. For optimal health, females should not be bred until 2 years old, only allowed to mate every other heat and retired by age 7.

103. Males will not have live sperm until about the age of 6 months.

104. Senior dogs often need ramps to aid them in climbing up to sofas, bed, etc.

105. Dogs can get motion sickness just as humans can, and the same medication is prescribed as treatment.

106. Small dogs can be terrified of bath tubs and often do much better when washed in the kitchen sink.

107. As a dog ages, he or she can begin to turn grey… Most do not make a full change over to a full grey coat, but individual hairs may be seen.

108. They eat their feces due to a lack of proper vitamins and minerals… many manufactured dog foods contain fillers to make the food appear to be more than it is…and this passes right through the body, leaving the dog hungry and craving nutrients.

109. The doggie diaper was invented in the 1980’s and is often used for senior dogs who have lost control of their bowel and/or bladder muscles.

110. They will eat grass to purposely cause themselves to vomit if they are suffering from stomach distress.

111. Dogs usually only pay attention to the first syllable in any given word. For example, if someone names their dog Meteor, they will respond to “Me”.   Because of this, owners should not choose a name that has the first beginning sound of a command.

112. In Paris France dogs are allowed in restaurants and also given small chairs of their own.

113. There are more dogs than children in the city of Seattle, Washington.



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