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Why Dogs Do Things
Why Do Dogs Pant?


Dogs pant to cool themselves off.  They have almost no sweat pores over the body, therefore they open their mouths, let the tongue hang out and pant to cool off their body when they are hot, usually after exercising or in weather that is to warm for their comfort level.

Why dogs lickWhy Do Dogs Lick?

Dogs will lick themselves either to clean or to nurse an injury such as broken skin. Self licking may be done as the human equivalent to scratching for sores or other ailments.

Dogs lick people for 2 main reasons:  1: Affection - they learned this from their mother. 2: A human’s skin has a salty taste and some dogs lick to pick up that taste.

Why Do Dogs Mark?

It is done to say, “This is my territory”. Not a big deal if he or she is outside. It IS a big deal if they are doing it in the house. When done indoors, this means that there is a power struggle going on between owner and dog, even if the owner is not aware. Dogs live in packs, in today’s world, the pack is their human family members.  Each pack needs a leader. If a dog is not sure if he is the leader or the human is the  leader, they will test, test and test some more…and marking is a way of saying, “I’m the leader here!”.

Why Do Dogs Want to Sleep in Your Bed?

There are 2 reasons. 1st, most are very affection creatures. They give love and are so happy to receive love. Their humans are not just their the eyes of a dog, the owners are their family, part of the pack.  So, to keep close is normal.  When a dog enjoys sleeping at the foot of a person's bed, this is most often due to that dog showing their protective side...being in that position, they are close enough to their humans to keep an eye on them and are in the perfect position to jump up should a perceived danger arise.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Different from barking, howling is a dog’s way of saying, “I am here”. They are announcing their presence to any other dogs in the area and calling out for them to come.

why do dogs barkWhy Do Dogs Bark?

Aside from body gesturing, this is their main way of communicating. Just as one must learn what a baby wants when he or she cries, a bark can mean anything from “I’m hungry” to “Play with me!” to “A stranger is coming close”. 

Why Do Dogs Burp?

Basically for the same reasons that humans do.... As they eat, they swallow not only food but also a bit of air. As that builds up in the stomach, it is often released through a burp.  Humans burp, on average, 6-15 times per day (they may not all be loud ones!)...and dogs are not that much different.  One should take note, however, that burping with signs of discomfort and be a sign of bloat - a very serious condition that can occur when a dog eats too much and/or too fast. Some breeds such as the Boxer are more prone to this. 

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

Whiskers are sensing devices. If they are to enter a small space head first, the whiskers will let them know if they will fit through.  They also are sensitive to vibrations and a dog can sense things with them that humans cannot.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

The #1 reason is because their body is craving certain nutrients.  Many manufactured foods have fillers. Fillers are just what they sound like…an additive that bulks up the food to make it appear as if there is more than their actually is.  They are empty…zero calories, no nutrition. They enter the body and come out the other end quickly.  This leaves many dogs not only hungry, but craving certain vitamins and minerals.  A dog will then eat their own poop or the poop of other dogs in a vain attempt to ingest more nutrients.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to “Why dogs do things”. There are 2 main reasons.  1: Their bodies are craving vegetables (dogs are NOT carnivores, they are omnivores and need fruit and veggies).  2: If their stomach is upset, they may eat grass in order to aid in purging the body of any food by vomiting.

why do dogs wag their tailsWhy Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Communication and/or involuntary bodily reaction.  When scared or about to attack, a dog will automatically move its tail into a certain position, tucked under when afraid and stiff and alert when faced with a possible fight.  When happy, it is relaxed and wagging.

Why Do Dogs Sneeze?

A random sneeze is usually due to a slight irritation in the nasal passages. It may be a reaction to something inhaled through the nose or just a build up of irritations that have build up in the mucous membranes. Quite a lot of sneezing is often a sign of allergies - which can be very serious.  Can a dog sneeze because of a cold? No...Dogs do not and cannot get colds. per say, however they can develop nasal infections which most often will need to be treated with antibiotics.

Why Do Dogs Hate Vacuum Cleaners?

They do not dislike the machine, they dislike the noise. Their hearing is so amazing, they can hear ultrasonic frequencies that we humans cannot. The noise from the vacuum can be painful to their ears…therefore they will bark at it and sometimes “attack” it in an effort to stop it from making noise.

why do dogs bury thingsWhy Do Dogs Bury Things?

It is an instinct buried in them (no pun intended) from long ago. Dogs of yesteryear buried food to keep it safe until they needed to have access to it later. Pets of today will bury bones, food and sometimes favorite toys in an attempt to hide and save them.

Why Do Dogs Take Naps?

Canines require more sleep than humans, particularly puppies who need to sleep about 20 hours a day during the first few weeks.  In general , dogs sleep from 12-16 hours a day.  Part of this is due to napping.  A dog will nap more if they are bored or lack sufficient exercise.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

There are 3 main reasons:  1 - They are protecting themselves, their human family members and/or their property from what they perceive as a threat.  2- Out of fear...when cornered or feel that they are being confronted in a threatening manner, a dog may bite as an instinct (fight or flight).  3- A dog bite can happen when a dog is in pain...When they are hurt or ill they often feel vulnerable and this can cause them to nip or bite even those whom they are close to and are normally very affectionate with.

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Fur comes a-flyin' because it is the body’s process of getting rid of old, unhealthy hairs to make room for new, healthy hairs. Fur, of course, is very important for a canine to keep warm and for protection from the elements. Without new, healthy fur protection would wane.

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